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Extending Your Organizations Security

CarbonSix understands the significance and risks that we currently face in security. Companies are under attack daily, and the largest threat they face is the security of their financial, personal, continuity, and intellectual property. CarbonSix is exclusively partnered with organizations that have qualified backgrounds, that will go above and beyond as an extension of your organization. We limit who we partner with for this reason, only focusing on who are the true proven leaders in this space. Naturally, these organizations are recognized by Forrester and Gartner. What this means for our customers is that they will have two advocates for them, CarbonSix to help educate and connect them with our partners, and our partners themselves to be there and always watch our customers back.

Various Cyber Security Services

CarbonSix is partnered with the leading SOC providers that that will monitor, detect, and prevent security incidents 24x7x365. Also known as SOC-as-a-service, allows you to shift the task to a 24/7 staffed Security Center that can monitor an employee’s laptop to every port within the Data Center to ensure complete incident detection.

Protects all endpoints within your organization. Malware is rapid and only growing faster, the average rate to detect a data breach according to a 2020 Ponemon Report was 280. During this time the attackers can deploy malware or steal organizations personal and financial information. This is also another avenue for Ransomware, which can shut down operations and cause further complexities.

CarbonSix can implement a managed SIEM solution tailored to our customers size, dependency, and use case. SIEM is an extra layer within the existing field of security. SIEM collects the data from all your organizations security applications to provide a central location for your analysis to quickly access historical and current incidents. This allows for more efficient management of current and future prevention.
Find the invisible threats before they occur, proactively not reactively. There are different scenarios in cybersecurity, the threat that is at hand, and the possible threat due to a vulnerability. Counterintelligence can be achieved through Penetration tests. We can deploy Red, Blue, and Purple Team “scenarios” to help determine where vulnerabilities lie within both physically and virtual formats. Counterintelligence can also be discovered through deploying certified teams to threat hunt, via the internet, Darknet, social media, and other.
CarbonSix can help determine the current compliance and security level of your organization through a wide variety of analysis. We provide a detailed scoring report to give you a perspective of your organization’s critical exposure. This can be used as a foundation to help you create a game plan to any current exposures, and ultimately serve as the guideline to complying with industry and government standards.
CarbonSix can help organize and deploy on-site or remote training exercises for organization's staff members to bring awareness to guidelines they should follow, activities to avoid, and common practices to follow. This can be customizable to each organization's specific guidelines and procedures.

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